14 ways to use vanity URLs – as demonstrated by marketers

Rebrandly reached out to seasoned marketers from every industry, across various countries and specializing in different areas of digital marketing to see how and why they use vanity URLs. They shared some real-life use cases that will demonstrate exactly how vanity URLs can benefit you.


The following are select quotes pulled from the original piece.

To be on-brand

Brent Turner has extensive experience using vanity URLs at brand experience agency, Cramer, as well as in a former role as chief digital officer at MIT.

“I’ve been big on vanity URLs since the early days of Twitter. The reasoning was simple: we wanted to be on brand and we wanted long links to be short.

“For my team at MIT, we set up a collection of vanities links – including and, both of which can still be seen in current use on MIT’s Twitter account.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)@MIT

Novel technology could allow researchers to develop and test new antimalaria drugs.

571:10 PM — Feb 26, 2018

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“Here at Cramer… we use a sub-domain that keeps links short and showcases our primary domain name. On our Twitter account, you will see that we use for all of our vanity links.”

-Brent Turner, SVP Marketing Strategy and Technology at Cramer.

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