How Are You Using AI in Your Day-to-Day Job?

It’s been about a year and a half since ChatGPT launched, making AI more accessible to the masses. Here, event professionals share how they’re using—or not using—the technology in their day-to-day roles.

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Love it or hate it, artificial intelligence seems to be here to stay.

Case in point: Brent Turner, executive vice president of strategy and solutions for Opus Agency, recently shared the results of an internal AI-focused survey the brand experience agency conducted among its staffers. The survey found that a whopping 91% of Opus Agency team members have used AI tools in the past month. Beyond that, more than half—55%—use AI tools weekly, and 11% use them daily.

Clearly, the technology is having a major impact on how many event professionals do their jobs—and it goes beyond the robust AI-driven capabilities many tech companies are adopting. Turner shared that many Opus Agency team members use AI in simple ways, like to enhance their productivity. “For example, using an AI co-pilot to turn meeting notes into formal recaps with action items,” he shared.

Another popular usage, according to Turner? Program delivery. “Our team members use AI to generate workstream outputs for events and experiences,” he explained. “Using AI to inform and drive event materials, like sourcing ideas for theme-related F&B options, analyzing attendee survey data, or using image GenAI for creative assets.”

Finally, he’s seeing AI being used to drive attendee engagement, immersion, and value from their in-person and online experiences. “For example, using AI for real-time multilingual session translation, better personalizing session recommendation, delivering AI-powered photo booth activations, and having AI summarize sessions,” Turner said.

As the technology becomes more widespread, particularly with free, easy-to-understood tools, we were curious how other event professionals are using it—or not using it—in their day-to-day roles. Here’s what others we chatted with had to say.

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