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Meetings Outlook: A State of Extended Growth

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When 2,200 attendees showed up for the annual leadership meeting of a global Fortune 500 insurance company this past February, they encountered an unconventional centerpiece: blender bikes.

Once guests jumped on the bikes and started peddling, their action powered attached blenders that made healthy smoothies that they could drink. Surrounding the bikes were infographics, marketing collateral and ambassadors talking about the firm’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives related to energy and sustainability.

“It was really a way to build awareness that the company has made these investments, while also getting you active, involved and engaged,” says Brent Turner, senior vice president of solutions for Cramer, the events and experiential marketing agency that came up with the idea. “It became a bit of an attraction. In case you were one of the people that got up on the bikes, you were in the message yourself.”

The insurance company’s use of the blender bikes brings together two key trends that stood out in this quarter’s Meetings Outlook survey: meeting innovation/engagement and a greater focus on CSR.

by Meetings Outlook, by MPI

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