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Why Experiential Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever Before

Brent Turner, joins the show to talk about the role that events — interactive, emotional, active events — can play in a digital marketing approach.

For Brent and Cramer, personalization is a foundational purpose driving live events and experiential marketing. Technology is on the way to enhancing our personalization capabilities within the space, but today, the best way to help people feel a sense of connectedness, of meaning, is to foster events that help them connect with one another in an active way — while your brand supports it all.

Show details and highlights

► (1:53) What is rebasing?

► (6:15) Aligning marketing with sales, technology, product, and customer service

► (8:41) Role of emotion in B2C vs. B2B — why B2B purchases are more emotional

► (10:28) Personalization in event/experiential marketing means creating a “Community”

► (12:37) Making events active/emotional while meeting CMO/CEO-level business objectives

► (13:39) Generative AI

► (15:29) Brent on the future of marketing

Using live interactions to increase authenticity

Using offline events to create meaningful experiences

Gone are the days where you had sales on one side, maybe next to marketing, client success and customer support down the hall, the technology team somewhere in isolation cranking out code, and product scattered all about the globe. There’s an ongoing centralization among brands today. Customers don’t accept siloing, and marketers today are struggling to build real relationships.

“Marketers today are struggling to build real relationships — to get past apps and ads… these are all one-off. The rise of live channels provide an authentic space for brands to deepen relationships,” says @brentrt CLICK TO TWEET

Personalization in experiential (live events, mobile tour, street teams) is possible, along with moving the needle for both B2B and B2C companies. But the underlying purpose of any event should be to foster connections and build communities. Make participants feel part of something larger with emotion!

Brent on the future of marketing

Brent is excited about the future in terms of how technology will impact events and the experiential space. The rise of digital realities (mixed reality, VR/AR) will create more immersive events and events will become more interactive (IoT and wearables). Additionally, personalization at live events (facial recognition, networking) will also come to fruition in the next five years.

Lindsay’s key takeaways

  • Rebasing. Take a moment to think about the pillars of your marketing organization and your strategy. What is it built upon? Where is it shifting?
  • How can you use live interactions to boost authenticity? It doesn’t matter your industry – offline experiences are an opportunity to break through.
  • B2B or B2C, remember that your customers are human. Look for ways to leverage technology to deliver real, authentic, human value.

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