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Content Credentials

This new open-source tool reveals how content was made, how it was edited, and if AI was involved anywhere along the way.

Deepfakes. Voice cloning. Synthetic media. It’s an artificial world out there today—and this new technology will fuel our personal fact-checker future.

Content Credentials, a new open-source tool from Adobe and collaborators, answers the biggest questions of today: “Where did this image come from? How was it made? Is it AI-generated? When was it created or edited?”

It does this by attaching metadata to content, such as who created it, when it was created, and whether it was made using artificial intelligence (AI). This information is stored in a tamper-evident set of metadata called a Content Credential.

For brands and businesses of all types, their future is a race toward digital trust.

News organizations will safeguard their credibility by providing irrefutable evidence of their reporting. Marketing agencies will build trust with their clients by demonstrating the authenticity of their campaigns. Social media platforms will combat misinformation and disinformation by empowering users to verify the sources of the content they see.

This new tool will fuel the movement of transparency and authenticity in digital content.

Soon, we will all enjoy content and context together.

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