Infinity Articles

How close are we to having a personal AI that can write the perfect thing just for us?

We are in the midst of the generative AI revolution. This piece asks the big question above. The answer is both inevitable and incredibly compelling:
“The next frontier for content recommendations is going to be AI merging content rather than users flipping between articles. Imagine an app that is a continuous article and writes itself as you read based on its understanding of your interests and your interaction with the content.”

Less doom scrolling, headline skimming, and isolated article reading.
More single-stream, conversational-like 1:1 tutoring sessions.

The Infinity Article will greet “you each morning with an overview of the things you’re most likely to care about. From there, you can ask it to tell you more about anything you like, and the words magically fill themselves in. When reading, you can stop any time, ask questions, and get answers!”

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