Leadership Neighborhoods

Two forces are colliding, and they will transform the future of office space design.

Force #1: More than ever, employees want their leaders to be transparent in how they run their businesses, but the challenge is that remote work makes visibility and access trickier than ever.

Force #2: Within hybrid work models, companies and their employees recognize that offices remain a key piece in driving culture and innovation, but the challenge is in gaining the momentum that will make commutes worth the trouble.

At the intersection is a unique opportunity to redesign workspaces. The opportunity will change executive expectations and shape a new generation of leadership behaviors. What is the opportunity? It is in designing offices with leaders in the heart of the action.

Or, as McKinsey’s Workplace Strategy and Change Leader Phil Kirschner tells it: “‘Congratulations [executives]. You are the new amenity. It used to be the gym, the cafeteria, being able to bring puppies to work, whatever it is, but the executives are the new amenity.”

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