Prompt Engineers Everywhere

The power of generative AI is just wordplay.

The interface between AI’s potential and what a human wants out of the AI is the prompt—that simple text box with its blinking cursor. The making of AI magic is unlocked in the prompts that people provide it. From launching a $100 startup with ChatGPT as your business partner to the incredible explorations in You Probably Need a Robot’s Midjourney Discord channels, it is clear that excellent prompt writing leads to mind-bending results.

Those who can wrangle prompts and maximize generative outputs are in incredible demand.

Deemed the hottest job in technology and commanding salaries of $335,000, the rise of Prompt Engineers has been swift. The breadth of people educating us on this craft is everywhere. While this may not stop the rapid decline of English majors at US universities, one prompt engineer told Bloomberg: “You’ll often find prompt engineers come from a history, philosophy or English language background, because it’s wordplay.”

As AI tools become more pervasive across business and our daily lives, we will all become AI Whisperers in our own right.

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