Super Apps

What do Elon’s Twitter and Satya’s Microsoft have in common? They are both looking to bring the China-based WeChat “Super App” model to the world.

Lost in the daily drama around the Elon era of Twitter is his vision for its future. Driven by his original vision for his old 90’s company,, and inspired by Tencent’s uber-popular China-based WeChat app, Twitter may soon transform into a Super App. For example, Twitter is now registered with FinCEN for handling money transmissions.

It turns out Elon is not the only one who has Super App visions dancing in their heads.

Microsoft is reportedly considering also building a “super app” that “could combine shopping, messaging, web search, news feeds, and other services in a one-stop smartphone app.”

In a “can’t beat ‘em, infest ‘em move,” these potential Super Apps would create ecosystems within ecosystems. New walled gardens within walled gardens. Apple and Google are watching closely. Microsoft news is leaking. Twitter visions are buried in other drama. But, when the dust settles, expect Twitter to be part of the pending race to build the first true Super App outside of China.

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