Amidst the Abundance

Taste, the Talent of Tomorrow

In a world flooded with “creativity,” taste will become the ultimate differentiator.

In 2009, Ira Glass, the mind behind “This American Life,” spoke about the gap between our creative vision and its execution. He called it the “taste gap” – something every creative initially grapples with. Back then, the struggle was closing the gap between good taste and technical skill.

Fast forward to today, where the proliferation of AI, design tools, and endless tutorials has made the technical aspects of creativity more accessible than ever.

Today, the landscape has shifted.

AI tools, online tutorials, and tech advancements have made the technical aspects of creativity more accessible than ever. Anyone can learn to design, write, or code.

With everyone armed with the tools to create, the true differentiator lies in taste. It’s the ability to navigate the vast ocean of possibilities and make discerning choices.

Elizabeth Goodspeed of It’s Nice That highlights the critical role of taste in navigating the vast ocean of creative possibilities. Taste is the filter that helps us choose, combine, and elevate ideas into something truly impactful, unique, and ultimately marketable.

Think of it like this: taste is knowing when to revive a forgotten typeface, collaborate with a specific photographer, or step away from a trending color. It’s about understanding trends and strategically choosing when to lean in or out because, as anyone with foresight knows, overuse quickly leads to blandness.

In this creative landscape, taste becomes the defining skill.

Successful teams and individuals will be those who can cultivate, train, and celebrate this talent. It’s about nurturing an eye to discern the truly unique and impactful amidst the abundance of readily available options.

The ability to close the gap between good and great, as Ira Glass reminds us, takes time, dedication, and, above all, a commitment to keep creating, keep learning, and keep pushing ourselves to bridge that gap.

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