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The 2024 Hype Cycle Prediction →

While artificial intelligence (AI) is today’s life-altering, future-changing darling, augmented reality (AR) is primed to dominate the zeitgeist in 2024.

The tech giants made significant announcements over the past two weeks, and the hype cycle gained new momentum.

At their recent events, Microsoft and Google showed how they are bringing generative AI-based superpowers to docs, email, calendars, and more. Microsoft showed how Copilot will be our everyday companion. Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, can now answer questions based on the information it finds in your inbox and drive.

Meanwhile, the co-founder of DeepMind got everyone talking about “Interactive AI” and how it is the next phase of AI. Interactive AI is an artificial intelligence that can naturally interact with humans through text, voice, or physical interaction. And, of course, OpenAI made news with reports that they are bringing in legendary former Apple super designer Jony Ive to build the “iPhone of artificial intelligence.”

Yet, the recent headset news has me believing that augmented reality (or, as Apple is pushing it, “spatial computing”) will take the hype wave crown in 2024.

Also, Amazon and Meta got into the AR fray at their events over the past two weeks. Amazon’s third-gen Echo Frames are slimmer, lighter, and now, earbuds-less. Meta mixed up realities with breakthrough tech in their new Quest 3 headset. And the pump keeps getting primed for what Tim Cook calls the “aha moment” that Apple Vision Pro will deliver.

Together, AI and AR are the pairing of our collective futures, and in 2024, AR will be the marketing and media darling.

Get ready to gear up.

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