is The Coming Quantum Leap

The New New — Issue Eleven

In which new business models, pre-service invasions, and material innovations arrive in time for us to go D2A before the coming quantum apocalypse.

This irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the eleventh time.

From new worlds through the real world, ending with a leap into our quantum future, let’s go.

D2A, the next big business model

DNA to Face, a new method of facial recognition

Nano-Camera, the size of a grain of salt

Stretchable and Washable Batteries, may soon power a wearable electronics boom

Clarus fibers, cotton without the shedding plastic microfibers

Tufted Rugs, the handmade craze du jour

Gas Marbles, bubbles that last up to 465 days

IZ Metal, a three-dimensional paint for tattooing your car

Contactless Thermal Drilling Robot, cuts through the hardest rocks on Earth

Pre-service Tip Invasion, making it less likely we will return

Quantum Apocalypse, when today’s encryption standards are easily cracked

If you have a new intrigue of your own or see something I missed, let’s discuss it here.

The New New will be back again (at some point).

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By Brent Turner

Image from Beyond Earth

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