Where Morphisms and Moodbeams Roll

The New New — Issue Five

In which lab-grown wooden satellites, emailing spinach, and many morphisms roll into a movement upending business and society. Meat peripherals moodbeaming your boss, optional.

Image of Bureau Betak’s glass maze for FENDI’s SS21 show

This irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the fifth time.

Start in the natural world, head to space, beam inside brains, and roll into an upending.

  1. Beyond Forests, lab-grown wood takes shape
  2. Wooden Satellites, a less junky model
  3. Emailing Spinach, overcoming the plant/human communications barrier
  4. Turbo Squid, the non-photographic future of stock photos
  5. BCIs, changing experiences without the ‘meat peripherals’
  6. Moodbeams, a wristband for telling your boss how you feel
  7. Neuromorphic Computing, more powerful computers that work like our brains
  8. Neumorphism, when skeuomorphism and material design combine
  9. Glassmorphism, the UI design trend for 2021
  10. Rollables, the new foldables
  11. ESGs, the movement upending business and society

If you have a new intrigue of your own or see something I missed, let’s discuss it here.

The New New will be back again (at some point).
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