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The New New — Issue Four

In which mind-controlled computers, artificial humans, James Bond plots, and the new/old MySpace join the digital gardens of AI-written trend forecasts.

This irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the fourth time.

A bit digital. A touch physical. Let’s get inside your head.

  1. Digital Gardens, the new digital content strategy
  2. SpaceHey, the return(ish) of the original MySpace
  3. A Real Bookstore, a surreal M.C. Escher-like design
  4. Diamonds, made entirely from the sky
  5. Submarine/Speed Boat, James Bond-like gadget made real
  6. Electrified Wingsuit, my childhood dreams made real
  7. Sound Beaming, now playing music inside your head
  8. AlterEgo, control computers with just your thoughts
  9. NEON Frame, an immersion portal for artificial humans
  10. Trend Forecasts, written by crazily perceptive AI

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The New New will be back again (at some point).
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