Seeing Faces and Spaces

The New New — Issue Seven

In which we see more faces pushing into new spaces—including an emoji-driven gold rush.

Image from ETH Zürich

This irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the seventh time.

Let’s pair up and move altogether forward.

  1. AI Pair Programmer, the inevitable (but still dang cool) coding copilot
  2. Holographic AI Assistants, sidekicks—floating in a box
  3. Liminal Spaces, opening new realms for community engagement
  4. Metaverse Concerts, moving beyond Fortnite
  5. Massively Tiny Screens, worn right in front of your eyes
  6. Brick it, photograph a Lego pile and then make something new
  7. Yats, get in on the personal emoji gold rush
  8. Holographic Rainbow Chocolate, you can make it yourself
  9. Braille Neue, for both sighted and blind readers to use the same text
  10. From Face to Interface, my latest piece exploring new technologies that are pushing us into new spaces

If you have a new intrigue of your own or see something I missed, let’s discuss it here.

The New New will be back again (at some point).

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