Where the Flintstones Meet the 2000s

The New New — Issue Three

In which the early 2000s return to find us watching transparent televisions, smelling new spaces, and taking notes on stone paper.

Image from Katharina Grosse’s kaleidoscopic transformation of an old Berlin train station

This irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the third time.

Once, twice, thrice. Dig on in.

  1. Craft, replacing corporate ‘purpose’ as the future’s motivator
  2. Eau De Space, from NASA’s formula for Space smell
  3. Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight logo, the most popular T‑shirt design in the world
  4. Vintage iPods, nostalgia grows and hacks return
  5. Napster, now with a new owner
  6. Syqel, the new new WinAmp visualizations
  7. Transparent Televisions, (finally) being mass-produced
  8. Stone Paper, waterproof and friction-free notebooks
  9. Egg, express yourself in new freeform, creative spaces
  10. Horizon, Facebook’s new worlds in the making

🎵 “One, two, three, four — come on and make some more” 🎵

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