Researched intensively. Still used extensively. Asked about frequently.

From elegant design to enviable functionality, this is a short list of the things I'm proud to carry, use, and share. If something is here, I still use it and believe you would love it too.

Travel Charging Station

Extra ports for plugging in when you are out—all while ditching the big MacBook power brick.

From airports to airplanes, across conference room tables, and at coffee shops, this power supply has been with me everywhere. The industrial design is elegant and Apple-like. Its functionality is perfect. It unpacks and sets up quickly. It repacks perfectly compact every time.

In-between? It does what it needs to do — delivers power over plugs and USB‑C cables. Regulating the shady power on airplanes and managing the different voltages in different countries.

If you travel a lot (even if that is just to your local coffee spot), get this travel charger. I’ve been through a few (looking at you, Tripp Lite), and this is the best I’ve ever had.

More about the Anker GaNPrime 65W Charging Station

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in February 2023

Cable Winder

Simply smart product design that wrangles piles of cables and adds thoughtful design features.

While newer editions of MacBook Pros no longer require an EDC bag full of dongles and adapters, I still have to wrangle and wrap piles of cables.

MacBook power cable. USB‑C cable. And even a USB‑A cable for rental car connections.

Now, all three cables get wrapped around their own FUSE Side Winder. Quick to unwrap and simple to control the length with thoughtfully placed integrated “clips.” These cable holders are the envy of my travel mates.

What’s even better?

They come in white and black, plus two sizes: “mini” (good for phone cables) and “max” (perfect for Macbook power cables). Now, they’re always in my bag and ready to roll.

More about the FUSE Side Winder Cable Winder

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$7.99 when purchased
in February 2023

Wired Earphone Case

With a satisfying snap and substantial edge flip, this case is the fastest, easiest, and awesomest case yet (while still having a low price that betrays its top-notch quality).

On the road, my AirPods stay in my bag. Instead, I unroll my (comparably cheap) wired headphones. Less stress.

Well, now it is less stressful.

The worst part of traveling with wired headphones is now solved—no more wrestling with tangled wires.

This simple, low-cost case is simply perfect.

With a cannot-screw-it-up super fast wire wrapping system, a central magnet area that pulls the headphones in, and a protective outer edge, this design nails it.

Take it from me and my teams who have also picked these up: those who try them love them. Those who see them in use want one. 

They’re simply that good.

More about the MAIRUI Earphone Case

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in June 2021

Perfect Passport Wallet

Super slim. Super soft. Shockingly rare sleeve form factor.
Plus RFID protection.

I hunted far and wide to find this wallet.

Damn, it was worth it.

The bulk is gone. The Atlas helps me carry everything I need when crossing borders—a pile of credit, metro, identification cards, and some cash. When I need access to my passport, it’s a quick pull of the tab, and with a satisfying reveal, it pops right up. When I’m set, the passport smoothly slides back into the wallet. And then the wallet’s super soft leather lets it slide right back into my pant pocket.

Simplicity is everything, especially when I travel. On all fronts, this wallet is unlike any I have owned or seen. For me, it’s perfect.

More about the The Atlas Passport Wallet

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$57.00 when purchased
in July 2023

Travel and Laptop Backpack

From trips to the coffee shop to being the only bag I carry for multi-day international work trips, this backpack’s thoughtful, nuanced design and incredible quality continue to bring me “travel gear joy.”

Across the internet, there are tons of travel gear reviewers who go deep into their examination of backpacks. They talk about pocket designs. Zipper materials. Comfort of straps. Padding on handles. Resistance to damage. Space for gear. And on and on.

For some reason, you rarely find this Thule featured in gear reviews—it is a bit of a hidden gem in the travel gear influencer sphere—which is surprising because this bag nails all the criteria for a world-class travel and laptop backpack.

Over the past 4.5 years (at the time of writing), the Thule Crossover 2 has gone all over the world with me. In the words of Thule, this “backpack is designed to keep everything organized, accessible, and protected throughout your travels.” They nailed it.

I can do three days of travel with just this bag when traveling for work. Inside the bag, I will fit my 16-inch Mac Book Pro, wires and dongles, snacks, notebooks, a water bottle, multiple packing cubes, and more—and I will still be able to fit it under the airplane seat in front of me.

I’ve dropped it, stuffed it, scrapped it, and generally abused it—and it still looks great and works even better.

More about the Thule Crossover 2

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in May 2019

Name Your Price Site

This is for the deal hunters out there.

In the summer of 2023, I wanted to purchase a piece of home electronics. The device I really wanted—a high-end Sony Soundbar—was premium-priced beyond rational reasoning.

After a random Google search, I discovered Greentoe, a “name your price” site that works with unnamed retailers to get discounts.

The site’s design is unrefined, but after some “Is Greentoe legit?” searches, I tried it and scored an incredible deal—one of those “too good to be true” deals: 50% off the lowest price anywhere online. Plus—and this is key—the soundbar was shipped from a legitimate retailer with a full manufacturer warranty!

I’ve since made other bids and love the incredible deals and excellent service. Greentoe is now my go-to place to purchase electronics, appliances, or other large ticket items.

I just really love what Greentoe has pulled together. So, forgiving my weird Influencer-imposter vibes, give Greentoe a try to see why.

More about the Greentoe

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First used in August 2023

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