Perfect Passport Wallet

Super slim. Super soft. Shockingly rare sleeve form factor.
Plus RFID protection.

I hunted far and wide to find this wallet.

Damn, it was worth it.

The bulk is gone. The Atlas helps me carry everything I need when crossing borders—a pile of credit, metro, identification cards, and some cash. When I need access to my passport, it’s a quick pull of the tab, and with a satisfying reveal, it pops right up. When I’m set, the passport smoothly slides back into the wallet. And then the wallet’s super soft leather lets it slide right back into my pant pocket.

Simplicity is everything, especially when I travel. On all fronts, this wallet is unlike any I have owned or seen. For me, it’s perfect.

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$57.00 when purchased
in July 2023

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Created to keep everything together. Put the wallet away and bring out The Atlas on your next adventure. This wallet includes a snug home for your passport, card slots to carry essential credit or bank cards, and a large pocket to carry world currency or boarding passes. The Atlas is thin, soft, and convenient while you’re jumping from country to country.


  • 2 card slots
  • 1 large slot (for world currency, boarding pass, customs papers, etc)
  • Holds 2–4 cards
  • Pocket with elastic pull-tab (easily access your passport with a pull)
  • Replaces: Unnecessary bulk
  • Full Grain Vintage Leather
  • RFID protected
  • Measures 5 9/16″ L x 3 15/16″ W x 1/8″ H
  • One-year warranty

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