Wired Earphone Case

With a satisfying snap and substantial edge flip, this case is the fastest, easiest, and awesomest case yet (while still having a low price that betrays its top-notch quality).

On the road, my AirPods stay in my bag. Instead, I unroll my (comparably cheap) wired headphones. Less stress.

Well, now it is less stressful.

The worst part of traveling with wired headphones is now solved—no more wrestling with tangled wires.

This simple, low-cost case is simply perfect.

With a cannot-screw-it-up super fast wire wrapping system, a central magnet area that pulls the headphones in, and a protective outer edge, this design nails it.

Take it from me and my teams who have also picked these up: those who try them love them. Those who see them in use want one. 

They’re simply that good.

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$7.99 when purchased
in June 2021

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  • Universal Compatibility—The portable cable winder perfectly fits for standard-sized earphones, such as apple, samsung, sony ear buds; cell phone charging cables and other slim wired cords.
  • Awesome Concept—Keeps your earbud detangle and secure; protects your cords against dirt and damage. Lightweight and compact mini design allows you to put it in your pocket, purse, bag.
  • Easy Operation—Put ear buds into the central magnet area, wrap the cord around the keeper like a yo-yo and finally fold the edging.
  • Superior Quality—Made of premium durable soft silicone, and the magnet is strong enough to keep your earbuds still.
  • Cute Appearance—Unique round nest with petals design looks chic and delicate. Lots of colors available.

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