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A Look to the Future: Emerging Tech-Driven Trends and their Coming Impact On Your Events

This three-part session will uncover and unpack the emerging trends, technologies, and strategies that will be impacting your near-future events. The first part will be a fast-moving trend spotting presentation that will inspire both big and small ideas. The second part will be a series of deeper dives into the hottest strategies, trends, and technologies we apply to our next events. Finally, the third part will be a question and answer with hands-on exploration and demos of some of the technologies discussed during parts one and two.

Presented By
Brent Turner, SVP, Solutions – Cramer

Brent Turner leads the strategy and technology teams for Cramer.

Cramer is a brand experience agency that is thriving in this new experiential era of marketing. Cramer’s fast growth has come as they have expanded their multi-decade relationships with legacy clients, while also landing a new roster of prestigious global brands, including Caterpillar, GE, IBM, Marriott, UPS, and Walmart.

Brent and his teams drive Cramer’s distinctive studio model — a model that brings together an uncommon mix of on-demand, multi-disciplinary talent and capabilities that consistently helps their clients achieve more.

He has had his own uncommon mix of experiences and clients. Prior to joining Cramer, Brent was the chief digital officer inside MIT, held executive leadership positions at Ogilvy and Boathouse, and successfully survived two startup-to-IPO adventures.

Brent remains actively involved in startup communities, where he is the co-creator of a Google-sponsored series of “marketing hackathons” that help startups solve their brand and marketing challenges.

Brent is a graduate of Boston University’s Questrom School of Business.

By Brent Turner

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Brent is a member of the executive team for Opus Agency, partner to world-shaping brands.
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