From Attendee to Participant: Designing Your Virtual Event for Engagement

Joining Twitter, Ford, and SAP for a fast-paced workshop on virtual and hybrid events. Watch the replay.

The Experiential Marketing Summit has become the event industry’s mega-show and brings together b2b and b2c brand-side marketers, executives from leading event agencies, meeting planners, trade show organizers, event strategists, experience designers, event technology gurus, and more.

The 2020 summit is fully virtual, twice as big as before, and happening across five days — October 19–23, 2020

Along with executives from Twitter, Ford, and SAP, I will be leading a workshop on virtual and hybrid events with a specific focus on:

Though it’s only been a few months of all-virtual pivots (can you believe it?), specific trends and tactics are, nonetheless, standing out and excelling more than the rest. In this session you’ll learn what’s hot and what next in virtual event engagement, from thought starters to trends to new technologies. Hear about recent brand examples and explore the latest trends—beyond simply broadcasting sessions. And, learn about how specific technology platforms have been used by brands to engage audiences virtually

Watch the session replay here:

By Brent Turner

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Brent is a member of the executive team for Opus Agency, partner to world-shaping brands.
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