Paris, Baby. Paris.

Presenting (Twice) at EventTech 2016

Created by Event Marketer magazine and hosted entirety at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, on November 14–16, 2016, EventTech 2016 will attract over 1,000 marketers from across the Fortune 1000 and marketing agencies.

Cramer’s SVP, Brent Turner, will be there too—presenting two fast-moving sessions.

The first presentation immediately follows the opening key note:

15 Tech Trends to Bet On
This fast-paced trend spotting session will take you around the world for a sneak peek at the latest and greatest technologies you’ve probably never seen before. Uncover macro trends in the industry, see how brands are tapping new technologies to tackle them and walk away with a tablet full of inspiration, cutting-edge ideas and fresh technologies to try at your next event.

The second helps wrap Day One:

Conversational Interfaces: What They Are, How to Use Them at Events
From voice assistants (like Siri and Alexa) to chatbots, messenger platforms and personal robots (like Jibo), this has been the year of the conversational interface. But many marketers don’t know that the SDKs and underlying platforms are open for developers—meaning brands can now add new types of conversation-based interfaces to their experiences. In this session, learn about the Who, What, When, Where and Why behind the rise of conversational interfaces, explore how they can be used today, and unpack what the future holds for tomorrow’s experiences.

If you would like to attend, Event Marketer has provided us with a limited set of discounted tickets. Check availability and get your discount code here.

Already have tickets? Let Brent and us know on Twitter, we’d love to connect on-site.

See you at EventTech 2016 on November 14–16, 2016 in Las Vegas.

By Brent Turner

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