Fighting for Intelligence

The Four Wars of the AI Stack

As the AI Arms Race gets hotter, these are the conflicts shaping the future of intelligence.

The AI landscape is teeming with battles, not just in labs and research papers but in the very tools and infrastructure that power the technology. This recent piece from Latent Space provided this scoop of perception on how the “Four Wars of the AI Stack” are shaping the future of intelligence, and their winners will define how we interact with AI in the years to come.

  1. The Data War: It’s all about fuel, and the fight for it is fierce. OpenAI’s partnerships and the NYT’s lawsuit showcase this struggle, while synthetic data emerges as a new challenger.

    Who will control the information that powers AI?

  2. The GPU/Inference War: The GPU/Inference War: The cost of running AI models is plummeting, thanks to new architectures and providers shaking up the market. Nvidia’s throne is under siege as Modular, tinycorp, and Apple MLX push for more efficient use of existing resources.

    Nvidia might be king now, but can they hold the throne?

  3. The Multimodality War: This one’s about specialization. Tools like Midjourney and Assembly AI are carving out niches in specific tasks, while OpenAI and Google chase the ultimate “God Model” that does it all.

    Who will win the race for the most versatile AI?

  4. The RAG/Ops War: It’s all about control. New tools like LangChain and Martian are vying for dominance in how we manage and deploy AI.

    Will a single platform rise above, or will chaos reign?

These wars are more than just boardroom battles; they define the future of how we interact with AI. Dig into the full piece with Noah Hein and swyx & Alessio.

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