Growing with Laughter

The New New — Issue Fourteen

In which we cheer the death of trends, break the exascale barrier, rewrite the laws of astrophysics, race into the smell-o-verse, and deepfake our kids at bedtime—all while proving that laughter rocks.

This irregular—and often irreverent—roundup of emerging experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the fourteen time.

Part nerdy goodness. Part snarky truth. Part dope tech. Plus a WTF on the walk-off. Let’s go.

Wonk Out

Laughing Together, drives shareholder returns that are 19% higher than competitors

Token Design, combining economics and code, aligning incentives and coordinating human behavior, all to create new economies

Metaverse Visions, which is really just interacting with the internet via Augmented Reality

Snark Up

Stuntism, tackling the marketing equivalent of mooning

Death of Trends, killed by a global monoculture that has accelerated the use of cutesy aesthetic nomenclature

Hi, Tech

Imagen, Google’s response to DALL·E 2 gives us all more amazing “text to an image” AI tools

Exascale Barrier, broken by the world’s fastest computer

Photocurable Resins, a light-based 3D-printing method that’s 30x faster than today’s conventional methods

Symmetrons, a fifth force and invisible wall that could rewrite the laws of astrophysics

Nightime ‘Solar’ Power, generating electricity after dark

Go Hmmmm

Snap-n-scent, the race into the smell-o-verse

Zoom Cashiers, placing food orders with a remote host

NFT Vending Machines, breaking down barriers for the crypto curious

Bedtime stories for your kids, now featuring deepfakes of your own voice

The next batch of New New will be coming faster than usual.

Until then, let’s go back to where “pairing up” was at the heart of Issue Seven. We explored how coding copilots emerged and personal assistants took the form of AI holograms. And, sure, the emoji gold rush didn’t quite pan out, but I’m still waiting to try some holographic rainbow chocolate. Jump in and go from face to interface in this past issue.

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