Walking to My Nap Box through a Parallel Reality

The New New — Issue Sixteen

In which precisely sculpted sound waves, perfect chocolate, anti-idyllic places, pig-butchering, and punctuality are joined by micro-swarms of nanobots and moms in nap boxes.

Image of Ask Me if I Believe in the Future installation at MK&G Hamburg

Plus, we can now prevent hangovers and still get an imperfect night’s sleep.

It all sounds better toward the end—so let’s rock down to electric avenue.


Punctuality, with everyone having more control over our time, we now tolerate less lateness

(Not) Googling, young people are starting their searches on Instagram and TikTok, says Google

Pig-Butchering, the rising long-game scam using mysterious text messages

Myrkl, the hangover prevention pill, is now approved for use in the UK


Deepfake Job Applicants, landing remote roles to get access to corporate IT networks

Momternships, helping mothers restart their careers

Nap Boxes, get some sleep at the office—vertically


Barbiecore, post #girlboss-style, where it’s unapologetically okay to be a “girly weirdo”

Istanbul, the hair transplant capital of the world

Zero Star Hotel, the purposefully anti-idyllic place for the imperfect night’s sleep


Ghost Imaging, reconstructing objects from a person’s brainwaves

Parallel Reality, the name for Delta’s new tech that knows who you are and where you’re going

Metaverse Standards, a new forum setting the foundation for an open metaverse


Robo-dentists, using micro-swarms of nanobots to brush, floss, and rinse teeth

Edible Metamaterials, this burgeoning field has now brought us the “perfect” chocolate

Acoustic Levitation, using precisely sculpted sound waves to build complex structures in mid-air

Electric Avenues, proof of concept charge-as-you-drive system unlocks unlimited range for EVs

The New New will be back again.

Until then, let’s check in with Issue Nine, where we stayed scandal-free with AI models, recharged glowing plants, and first explored how to turn moments into movements.

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