Buddying Up

The New New — Issue Twelve

In which our minds do more (and less) while we dodge space suitcases, pick up fusion drills, join new stakeholders, and hang at the mall.

This irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception is back for the twelfth time.

Now with extra alliterations — and organs falling from the sky (dig in, you’ll find them).

Business Building

The Stakeholder Economy, what web3 really means to our futures

Accountability Buddies, more impactful than mentors

Hanging at the Mall, shoptainment is bringing the people back

Drop Servicing, being the go-between in the era of crowdsourcing labor platforms

Brain Bending

AI Art ≠ Copyright, protection still requires human authorship

Brainwave Driving, Ford’s foregoing our appendages when behind the wheel

Scentless Humans, we may be losing our ability to detect odors

Reality Redefining

Turning Colors into Money, an NFT platform for owning and profiting from colors

Soli Proxemics, Google’s sensor-integrated software that responds to human behavior

Space Suitecases, the next frontier for express deliveries

ESG Experimenting

Carbon-thoughtful Social, adding expiration dates to social posts

Fusion drilling, harvesting the energy from 12 miles below the surface

The New New will be back again.

Until then, let’s go back to a little over a year ago:
In Issue Five, we explored how lab-grown wooden satellites, emailing spinach, and many morphisms roll into a movement upending business and society.

Meat peripherals moodbeaming your boss were optional.

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