The Pending Instructional Design Revolution

Beyond changing the constructs of productivity, AI will dramatically change educational experiences.

Generative AI is fueling an exponential expansion of content and media. In a world where media consumption habits waver between doom-scrolling and binge-watching, the rise of AI-driven content will slide in frictionlessly while malleably aligning with every viewer’s personal whim.

As AI makes getting instant content and detailed answers to questions easier, everything will get smoother. Less friction = less retention. Less effort = less education.

Yet, our species has an innate passion for learning. We need to learn and push ourselves.

Humans learn best at the intersection of struggle and access. As AI removes that conflict, big questions emerge: How will educational experiences change within the constructs of an endlessly, instantly personalized content-filled world? How will the psychology of learning transform? What will be the next great revolution in instructional design?

Big questions get big answers. The future of learning is a space to watch.

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