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Simply smart product design that wrangles piles of cables and adds thoughtful design features.

While newer editions of MacBook Pros no longer require an EDC bag full of dongles and adapters, I still have to wrangle and wrap piles of cables.

MacBook power cable. USB‑C cable. And even a USB‑A cable for rental car connections.

Now, all three cables get wrapped around their own FUSE Side Winder. Quick to unwrap and simple to control the length with thoughtfully placed integrated “clips.” These cable holders are the envy of my travel mates.

What’s even better?

They come in white and black, plus two sizes: “mini” (good for phone cables) and “max” (perfect for Macbook power cables). Now, they’re always in my bag and ready to roll.

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Wind your earbud cables easily and keep them tangle-free and organized. The Side Winder Mini winds cables 1–5 feet in length and the Max organizes cables 1–8 feet long. Keep your charger portable and headphones organized on-the-go in the Side Winder Mini and Max cord winders.

  • Wind your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and any other charging cables to keep them managed and organized
  • Use only the length you need by adjusting and clipping in the extra cable
  • Keep your backpack and purse free from tangled cables by winding them in the Side Winder Max
  • The patent-pending cable “Snotch” keeps the cables locked into place when not in use
  • Side Winder Mini — 1 to 5 foot cables | Side Winder Max — 1 to 8 foot cables

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