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The gear to rock while on the road.

For my work, I travel a lot. With my personality, I’m obsessive about researching products that make travel much easier and more enjoyable. There is a short list of things I’m proud to carry—and an even shorter list of things I get asked about all the time. Like, seriously, all. the. time.

So, I added a section to my site that pulls together the four things I recommend the most.

There is the travel charger that is beautifully designed and incredible at regulating the shady power on airplanes and managing the different voltages in different countries. There is a cable winder that is simple to use and keeps a backpack of cables organized and tangle-free. The quest for tangle-free wires extends to a wired earphone case with a satisfying magnetic feature. And, in my pocket is a super slim, soft, RFID-protected wallet with an original quick pull tab that makes it easy to access your passport, and it slides back into your pocket easily when you’re done.

From elegant design to enviable functionality, these are the products I recommend the most to co-workers, clients, and friends.

Check them out here.

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